Physical Fitness & Fitbit

Hey all!

I’m just looking through Prime Day deals and have been thinking for a while about getting a Fitbit to keep track of my heart rate both resting and while working out. Has anyone else used one? Interested in feedback from someone else with AVM (I’m quite healthy, and wouldn’t consider getting one otherwise).

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have an Apple Watch and likethe heart rate monitor plus other things
However I find that how I feel is pretty good and avoids tracking another thing

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Be aware that FitBit also tracks your location. I’m not 100% sure of the details but I am sure that FitBit data tracking was recently used in a murder trial to prove the whereabouts of the person who was wearing it:

There are also attempts to use FitBit data other court cases:

I realize I sound somewhat paranoid when advising you are/can be tracked via your personal devices, but still…


Looks like the Fitbit was just one aspect of technology used to piece together two people’s whereabouts. Also, this article is a good scenario for when tracking can be good!

Lets be real - I use a phone, have a Google account, a Facebook account - Instagram, Twitter. The specific apps track your location. Now, take it one step more. Being on the internet alone. I’m utilizing my work computer right now, which as a specific IP. Accessing it shows that I am active on this computer i.e. at work. Same goes for literally any other computer you use.

You are being paranoid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, this is also my hesitation!! I feel pretty good most of the time.

Hey there! I’m late in responding but I got a Fitbit in July right after I found out I had an AVM and prior to my craniotomy. I’m a fitness addict and love tracking hr, cals, etc anyway but seeing my hr while i exercised before my surgery helped me not go too hard in fear of rupture. Now heart rate is different than blood pressure which is important as well. But I love my fitbit and i recommend it with or without an AVM :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info!

Yes, I already try to pay attention to my heart rate while i exercise; though I suppose the heart-rate monitors on most workout machines aren’t very accurate.

I recently took my blood pressure and it was sort of strange - 130/60 (ish).

I don’t have a fitbit, but do use a Garmin watch that tracks my running, and does measure my heart rate as well.

I have a Samsung gear wristwatch that keeps up with steps and such. Regardless of the brand you get, I think it is good that you have a device on that can help motivate you to exercise without being so pushy. I’ve lost 20lbs just from having the band that reminds me to move a bit. Of course no longer being able to drive due to vision loss means trips to the grocery store take a little longer (toughly 1.5 mile walk). But what I lose in convenience I gain in physical exercise. I live in a suburb though, your circumstances may be different!

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That’s actually great to hear – I am not really looking to lose any weight, but I definitely should be exercising to keep my heart healthy!