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I go back to my doctor in two weeks so I understand this is a question for him but with an avm/aneurysm should I be careful lifting and such? I am preparing to move and I remember my neurologist saying I shouldn’t lift weights or strain when you go to the bathroom. What a

When my AVM was still there I was advised not to strain too much so no heavy lifting of weights as this can cause pressure on the AVM and increase the risk of bleeds. It was a small price to pay as this is only short term and then you get to live your life the way you wish after its removed, If treatment is an option. Thanks.


Avoid anything that puts the blood pressure up. Straining to lift heavy weights would be the wrong thing to do. Do lightweight duties and take sensible breaks. Get other people to do anything heavy.

Easy does it, only do what your body allows you to, take it easy

I am so dizzy it is difficult for me to keep trying to do exercise is essential, walking , etc. I am a very active person. They found this in a CT scan after I had a wreck. They said no restrictions
. So I don’t know what to do…worried. …Oh by the way, it showed that it HAD been bleeding at some point … Sharon. :frowning:


Just be sensible is the best advice.

I’m dizzy as well, which is exacerbated even when walking, though I’m not so dizzy as to not be able to walk. I think the main thing is to not strain yourself. Lifting heavy weights, moving awkward things, anything where you’re straining to do something I think is bad.

I’ve done a bit of home improvement work recently, reaching into small spaces, doing up screws, etc. Even that I’ve come away from not feeling 100% so have decided to stop if I ever feel poorly and have proper rests.


Back to ya, yeah, I have always been an exerciser and I have still been doing my pull downs, leg lifts and all the other things…so strange why when I left the doctors they just said lead a normal life. Maybe that us UNTIL I have seizures or stroke! :frowning: nice to talk to someone that has the same problem …Sharon


In many ways, I think it is important to carry on with life as normal. If we’re not careful, this thing takes over and we forget to live life and enjoy it. So carry on and enjoy life. However, if doing an exercise gives you a funny head, definitely cut back or cut out that exercise (I’m assuming here that yours is a brain AVM).

I’d recommend you be explicit with the doctor re your exercise regime and just ask… “I’m still doing this… and that… is that sensible to carry on with?” just to be sure.

Personally, I think overdoing things is the reason my AVM has come to show itself. Blood pressure too high, not balancing the pressure well with rest or relaxation has pushed it to the fore. Two years ago, it was completely hidden. Today, it pulses in my head all the time and makes me feel poorly if I overdo things.

Take it steady. Best regards,


Mine is a Caveranoma. Could that be the difference that they told me to carry on…but this is the website I was referred to. …hmmmm. Yes, brain. Sharon

No idea. The thing is, you can’t look to us for medical advice, so any questions need to be checked out with your doctor. All we can do is share our own experience and the advice we’ve been given.

Well I know that its been told to me that I can’t lift heavy no more and I have to take it easy with my neck area . I try to do what I can right now and when I feel winded I just take it easy . As long as you have a good support system with you and you don’t go overboard to fast you will find a rythym that should work for you best of luck

Somewhere on this site there used to be a list of Do’s and Don’ts. One of the don’ts is don’t lift anything over 20lbs. We can exercise if we exercise with caution.


Was it this topic:

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I discovered my AVM after having headaches from lifting heavy weights in the gym… I was told to not do any heavy lifting as a precaution and would recommend you take that advice… God bless!

Hi Richard

This isn’t the original list that used to be on here (if you put
everything everyone says here together it covers most everything that
was on the list. Flying is lightly mentioned here but is another.
Some have flown with no issues but it could be a gamble. Not supposed
to lift anything over 20 lbs, or strain pushing, pulling, or lifting
something. My AVM is a cavernous avm and has bled once. Could happen
again, These look like black berries and the globes are filled with
stagnant blood. When one pops, it bleeds, so I take it easy.

How about this one?

This is a thing for post AVM treatment but is definitely really important is ensure that when you are discharged that you have on your papers if you have had any shunt/ clip put into your brain as part of the treatment- perhaps this is a UK specific thing and it is a matter of course in other countries- but to hold this information is essential for any future MRI scans. Any radiogpher will need to know if you have anything that may be affected by an MRI scanner- i.e. If you have a pacemaker . I recently went for an MRI scan for a gynaelogical condition that I was diagnosed with in 2009- the scan could not go ahead until the clips I had from craniotomy were confirmed- so it’s always worth getting all of your information together especially if you have other conditions and ensuring your GP knows- or at least this is my experience. Having the information cuts out the stress- always a good thing if you’re managing epilepsy!