Photos We Love

Our cat Mochi. She loves to sleep on bed all the time :slight_smile:

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same with mine.


These are great. @electrician and I were discussing a little offline that it might be good to share some photos. For me, we have an amazing community here, so diverse in many ways and so spread about the globe, that I was cooking up a bit of a photo share thread like this.

I’d encourage us as a community to share more about life than our bare AVM trauma. We should always feel free to share a bit of real life, love or other things of value.

I think this one of “photos we love” is great. I hope others feel similarly moved to share.

Lots of love,


I love the idea, but don’t know how to get my photo uploaded:(


You can upload a photo when in the post edit dialogue. If you’re using a laptop or a tablet, the controls are shown above the text entry box as a computer box with an up-arrow. If you use a mobile phone to access, you need to click on the grey Ξ icon just above the text box, right hand side. Then the text editing icons are shown.

Have another look and let me know if that helps. The photo needs to be less than 1MB in size or thereabouts… so not too big.

Finding peace.

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Did I get it done? If so, thanks for the help!!!

You did and it looks fabulous! Thank you for sharing.