I was reading a report that states the ingrediant Phenlpropanolamine (ppa) found in many otc cold medications and diet pills causes Hemorrhagic strokes. Any comments?
I know i used maany of these in question cold medications.
any connections.

possibly! i was taking lots of sudafed the day before the hemorrhage, since i felt i had the flu. the doctors said that otc drugs like sudafed and robitussin can actually induce hemorrhagic strokes!

Guillermo, I truly have no idea about (ppa) with hemorrhagic, so the best thing to do is have a talk with your Doctor if this is really bothering you. All the best!

Guillermo, I don't know any information about that, but I do know that I stay away from PPA meds.

I echo everyone else & would encourage you ask your neurologist or neurosurgeon.
Always best to be safe! :)