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Personality changes

I wrote sometime back. My daughter has healed and doing well. The only thing we have noticed, her grown children, myself and others in the family, is the personality change. I realize this is the new her. She did not have a bleed just embolization and camma knife. I know missing with the brain could trigger this. Has anyone else experience this


I’m not sure I would want to know how my wife and kids would answer that question. I had a major brain Embolization and since then, I am easily confused, get overwhelmed by too many details too quickly, I am significantly more emotional - I’ve been known to cry or at least get choked up at cheesy TV commercials. I’ve gone from being an extrovert to an introvert.

Yeah, I’m not the same as I was…



Thank you for your reply. This really helped. She also gets overwhelmed.
Take care

TJ…same here…can’t believe how emotional I have become and how easily I become overwhelmed by too many details or multiple sensory inputs

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“Has anyone else experience this?”
Yes, yes and yes. Each surgery has had an impact. Initially I didn’t recognise it. “I haven’t changed, it’s everybody else who has changed…” In hindsight, I think I was simply projecting onto others. It’s much easier to see changes in others, but to look at self can be a little (a LOT) confronting. I tried to convince people (and myself) “I’m still the same” But I’m not. Over time I have come to recognise this, not that I’ll openly admit it. But it is a reality that is right there in front of me.

After the initial surgery I tried to get straight back into life as it was. I can remember the day I got out of hospital, that night I went back to work. Dumb idea. Within an hour of being there I was SO unwell. I wanted the human interaction after being couped up in hospital and thought returning would do me good. WRONG. It was all too much too soon, but I couldn’t recognise it and got a bit anti when others identified it for me. The problem wasn’t them, the problem was my acceptance of my reality.

I wouldn’t say I was an extrovert but I’ve certainly become more insular, self protective. I used to be a ‘doer’, if something needed doing, I’d do it. Get it done. It was part of my personality. Not anymore, I have to assess, examine then work out if I can. And this is been very foreign and hard to accept. And even today years and years later I still get frustrated that I can’t just “Do” anymore, I still (stupidly) try to and then kick myself for it when I pay for it in agony. That ‘acceptance’ thing still ain’t easy to accept.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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