Personality change

Hey all,
Just a little update on Jacob!
I have been chasing the Stereotactics team at Sheffield since February and found out 2 weeks ago that Jacob is not suitable for gamma knife this time. We were then told he would be seen in July at clinic as it is not an emergency at this time but as I have been explaining to all I spoke to Jacob’s personality has been changing for the last couple of months, suddenly we have been given an appointment on 26th May to discuss surgery which cannot come soon enough as this weekend we were at the end of our tether!
Jacob will cry at the drop of a hat but on the other hand will do things that are naughty and be rude to adults with apparently no comprehension that he has done wrong.
Just as an example: On Saturday he walked into the lounge (where I was sitting with my sister in law) and did a head stand on the sofa putting dirty shoes on the wall! He has never done it before and was oblivious until I stopped him then it was floods of tears.
Sunday evening playing football in the garden when the ball got kicked over the fence Jacob asked if he should go and find it and was told No. A few minutes later we realised that he wasn’t in the house. We then spent the next 10 - 15 minutes franticly searching the area and found him asking another person for a ball from their garden, and once again when he was found and was told he was wrong he burst into tears and sobbed his little heart out for ages.
Roll on the 26th May…