Personality change?

I've noticed that my personality has changed since my AVM started bleeding. I get easily irritated, I get very emotional and sometimes even very, very easily agitated. I'm not happy at all with this. Is this common? Is it just the scare or can we really have personality change from the AVM??

What do you think?

Hi Hannah. Yes…some people do experience personality changes. Usually that happens when the AVM is located in the frontal lobes…that area of the brain control emotions. It looks like you have had some small bleeds. Anyone would be irritable and emotional after all that happening to their brain. We all want our brains to back to the way it was before the AVM bled. Unfortunately, the brain heals SLOWLY. However, it can heal…give it time!!!

YES!!! I can say since my gamma surgery I am very easily agitated also. I have done some things I'm not so proud of, like thrown full water bottles against the wall, taken dresser drawes and thrown them across the room. Little things irritate me. I have worked trmendously to get this unfer control since my seizure though. I still get easily irritated but I gain control much better now, I'm more aware now. But for awhile there I was out of control.

The thing is, I haven't even done the surgery yet...

Well…the thing is that we will support you no matter what happens! You are part of the AVM family now!

<3 Thank you!!!!!!!!

Hi Hannah. My Grandfather was raised by a woman named Hannah. My great-grandparents were missionairies in India and left my grandfather in Maine on a farm. He named my mother Nancy…a nickname of Hannah because he loved the woman who raised him on this farm in Maine. Strange coincidence? Hmmmm?

Hmm....! :-)
I'm very loveble! Haha!

My personality has changed dramatically, I noticed it before I had my GK. I am easily irritated and not quite the happy go lucky person I once was, I MISS the old ME!!

That makes me so sad...

Sorry for asking, but what does GK mean??

Gamma Knife. It is the radiosurgery if you opt for that procedure. Anytime you do anything to the brain, it traumatizes it. Which is why most of us experience anxiety, depression and irritability. Most think a visit to psychologist/psychiatrist will help - and most of us find it offensive when doctors suggest it. But ultimately, a visit to a counselor "could" help us through it. Funny thing is, I was certified years ago as a hypnotist, so I think I'm going to put my self-hypnosis skills to the test here for this very thing, and for the tinnitus. I miss the old me also, so does my boyfriend of 10 years!

Yes this can happen, it happened to me. Being aware of it is a big plus because you have the ability to work with it. It can get better, just keep positive.

Yes, Hannah. I can't see how we wouldn't change with all the stress we are under, especially when first diagnosed. I know that I am no longer as carefree as I was pre-diagnosis...I worry a lot more!

But there can be good changes too. This disease also makes you realize that you can't take life for granted and that we should appreciate it more. I don't miss the opportunity to tell the people I love how I feel about them.

Another thing is that we learn that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. I think that I need a lot more work in this area, though! lol