"Persistent trigeminal artery" and cavernous malformations

Has anyone been diagnosed with "Persistent trigeminal artery"? I am wondering if anyone's Neurologist/Neurosurgeon has ever mentioned if this is related to AVM's, or in my case, CVM's.

If so, what were your symptoms? This is a new finding, out of numerous MRI's I have had in the past. :(


Hmmm, I've never heard of this...
Was this a finding from 'local' radiology reports, or from CM expert reviews???
Personally, I've had repeated misinterpreted MRI reports w/ my local radiologists & neuros. :(
I'd strongly encourage you to send a copy of your new scan to some of the renown experts.
Take care.

I'm not an MD, but I have come across the term. My understanding is that the trigeminal artery is an artery that is present for a short time during fetal development, but ordinarily disappears as other brain arteries develop. Occasionally, though, the trigeminal artery remains--in other words, persists. According to what I have read, a persistent trigeminal artery may have no significance, but can be associated with other abnormalities of the brain's blood vessels.

Your neurologist might be able to tell you more.

Hey Patti! This is the first time I've ever heard of it with my condition, so it was a shock to hear it, at first. I'm going to see new DR this month, and I'm sending my MRI to Arizona for that Neurosurgeon. I'm praying for much better answers in this upcoming month. I pray you are well! :)

Hi Mike! Thank you so much for the info on this. I truly do appreciate it. And thank you for giving so much to our community. You are a God-send to our community, and wealth of information that you offer. God bless you! :)