Persistent headache

Hi, I had my AVM surgery last summer and also have an untreated aneurysm. Since around December, I've been experiencing a very specific type of headache. It's above my left eyebrow. It's always the same spot. Always. They are not severe necessarily but very nerve racking. I seem to get them around once a week. Of course, everything online says that this is an aneurysm symptom. Not necessarily a rupture but a symptom. I can't believe this is happening. I just had an appointment with my neurosurgeon and he made me feel crazy for worrying about my aneurysm. Now it seems like I've been ignoring a pretty significant sign of trouble. What should I do? I'm so afraid of more medical intervention at this point. I've never heard of normal headaches occurring this frequently in one spot over an eyebrow.


I have always gotten headaches in the area above my left eyebrow. For me, it’s just a spot where my head hurts frequently and is sometimes the beginning of a migraine. Pre AVM and post AVM. Just keep telling your doctors especially if it worsens.

Hi Dee......i would suggest please do take a second opinion if u r not satisfied with your doctor.

With regards to the pain, though it may be frightening please try some breathing exercises to help u sustain the stress.

Take care
Bangalore, India.