Peripheral AVM

Have not been on for some time. My condition had worsened we followed the 15 person case study out of India. Nothing seemed to work my surgeon would not give up I’m currently just a few radiation treatments in we found a single case study from India in 2015 using this method I’m the 2nd in the world for this type of radiation treatment. My medical team is extremely optimistic all though I’m in first USA case to receive spirits are high believe this could work. Please cross your fingers and keep me in your prayers. My 3 yes of suffering must be to spare others of the same. When this works we will be publishing. And this hopefully will be the go to treatments to save anyone coming after me I’m so glad to believe my case can help others. God bless to all your all in my heart and I feel your with me through all my treatments. Will keep you updated on my progress.


Thoughts and prayers are with you for sure! Great to hear on the medical team, and look forward to hearing on your progress. Take Care, John.

Keeping fingers crossed! Best of luck!

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Lots of luck!

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