People just don't understand

This morning has been a really tough one. My mom has been absolutely great throughout this whole thing, but she just doesn't understand what i'm going through. I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me at all, but I've just never had to go through something like this before. It's been hard, and I know there are still more hard times to come, but sometimes I just have to vent. So anyways, this morning I had an episode where I don't really know what's going on and I don't remember much of what happened until I kind of come to. My mom was trying to get me up and around for school and I just couldn't get myself to function. I didn't know what was going on and I was just really confused. She was getting really angry because I was running late, and I have to take my brother to school so he was going to be late, which was making my mom late for work. I feel horrible, but I just can't help it! I'm on student council, and I missed my meeting this morning because of it. So, when I finally got to school I went to my council supervisor (she's so great), and I started to tell her I was sorry for not making it, when I just started bawling. I just couldn't hold it in, and the tears wouldn't stop. She didn't even say anything and just gave me a hug and let me cry it out. I feel much better now that I've gotten that out of my system and I got to vent to everyone here ;) thanks for listening, and i'm sure it won't be the last! haha

Hi Jacey,
Especially if this is a new symptom for you, I'd encourage you or your mom to let your drs. know of your 'episode' this morning. Always best to be safe. :)
Unfortunately, most folks don't understand, but fortunately we're all here to cheer one another on. :)
Hope you feel better!

Hi Jacey - I had to giggle when I read your title b/c one of my first jobs in my former life was as a pool attendant...the two regulars/teen girls would visit me and sing acapella that Fresh Prince song, Parents Just Don't Understand".

On to the more serious subject of unexpected tears. Like life, you can try to plan to be life as usual, but sometimes those plans are de-railed.

Hang in there, and remember that some cultures even encourage tears - something that I found on youtube. And a friend told me that she scheduled time to cry to avoid outbursts. I told her that I'd be sure to put it in my planner =)

If it continues without a cause (stress, anger, changes, etc.), you might consider seeking out a professional.

Hello Jacey. Isn't it great to have a great big cry and then a vent?? As the others have said, it would be a good idea to speak to your Doctor about your "episode" as they are the specialists in this area. "Understanding", well, it's difficult for us and it's difficult for others as they haven't "been through" what we have. Thank heavens we have this great Network with wonderful members who DO understand us!! Take care Jacey and I hope you feel better....soon!

Thanks everyone! I feel so much better after my venting :) I'm so thankful for this site. It's nice to talk to people who have shared the same experience!

Absolutely. I come here and I also found a group on Facebook too that I go to vent. And you are right. Most of our loved ones have a hard time understanding. Even I do sometimes. But coing here and venting with those who do, makes everything ok again. :)

I DO understand what you are going through. Although I am quite a bit older than you, I have the same thing happening. Sometimes I just plain cry because I can't remember a word in my sentence. The tears sometimes don't stop no matter how hard I try.
I also get really pissed that I have to use a cane a times because I feel "Off", not stable, it just gets to me, that's all. I also am not trying to say "Oh woe is me" because I am not. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me just because this happened.

Hello Jacey
Like others have commented that people dont understand unless they have been through it...esp when we look "fine". I used to be super on top of everything always had plans and had to learn to listen to my body. Sometimes I need extra rest. I have been drinking coconut water esp when I am feeling out of it. You can find it at costco a case for 15... We need to learn our new bodies and minds. Anything should be checked with your doctor. I find that I just tell people when I am not feeling well and when invited to do stuff I say I will try but if not its because of head pain etc people are finally at least understanding but I get it all the time well you look great....
Also I think for our parents and loved ones its scary for them in a different way and everyone handles that different as my mom gets coo coo and yells.
I find my new self is more sensitive and I am okay with it.
This site is fantastic and everyone is wonderful!
Sending you a hug!