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Pelvic avm


I had the glue used to embolize a pelvic AVM in September 2015. The AVM and aneurysm it had caused were said to be shut off. I am getting my first CT scan since just after the procedure this week. I hope it really did work. I didn’t realize that the AVM could start “flowing” again as I am now reading about in this discussion.


Can I ask how many did you do? Are you feeling better? Did you have problem with sitting after using glue and coil?

Thank you for sharing.


How do you cope with the pain? I cant sit, walk or lay on the bed now. I really fed up with this disease.
It is inspiring to see you become surgical tech. Did you try physio after the embolization?
I am ashamed of my family to complain about the pain because I had it for 21 years, but Im really tired and wish I could do something.