Patience is a virtue?

How many of you find yourselves less patient than before the bleed or diagnosis? I find myself with a limited pool of patience for the more petty things that happen in my world. Ironically, I am more patient about things that I used to be impatient about! (Confused yet?)

For example, I’m listening to an old friend complain about his work & boss. And my inside voice is screaming, “quit the job already! life is too short.” Where I used to commiserate or empathize, my inclination is to tell them to move on.

Then, I’m at the airport last week watching a passenger go ballistic over a late flight, and I’m thinking, “wow, life is too short to get that upset. And, people are too precious to be screamed at like that.”

Its a strange dicotomy? (I think thats a word.)

I worry that its a cliche that having an AVM or a near death experience changes your perspective on things, but I think its very true. Its one of the good things to come out of this- an appreciation for the good things in life and how each moment can be precious if you let them.

Don’t get me wrong- I whine, get mad and stomp my feet with the best of them, but I’ll also admit to feeling guilty about wasting that time feeling that way.

We’re fickle things, aren’t we? Guess that’s what makes us human.

In a warped way, I am glad I have the AVM. It makes me aware of life in a way that’s very unique. And, I’m glad that I have now met many of you who feel the same.

All the best to each of you.

That is the truth! I definately don’t stress nearly as much about things that really aren’t that important.

Everyone talks about their jobs and problems they are having. I seem to think as long as I give it the best I have that day (which some days isn’t that much) then what ever happens, happens.

Don’t get me wrong their are still many important things in life but we are all more aware of what those are.

I feel the same way, Brian and Eric! Life is too short to waste it complaining. Be grateful for what you have (especially if it’s good health!) and enjoy life.

Well said…I just don’t have compassion for those who complain about the little things that happen in their life. I guess that is why all my old friends have gone another way…away from me! Oh well, I spent half of my life taking care of others so now it is time to take care of me first! Something I don’t do well. But I’m learning because I’m in to much pain not to! Have a great day…keep on keepin on my friend!
Sending Angel light and love…d

God yeah I so couldn’t give a rats ar*e about stupid things and stupid people
I can’t believe some things that my friends get so upset about - i want to scream shut up shut up shut up
Think I must still be a GIT liam :frowning:

The biggest change for me is that I treasure the really special things…my family and not the material things. The trivial things, just do not mean anything anymore. I think having an AVM reminds you that you are “human” and you should never take anything for granted.