Parenting; post Avm?

Prior to my can I frequently referred to my parenting style as the Mary Poppins technique. With 5 kids I was forced to find the 'element of fun' 3 years post- Can my husband of 20 years walked out and took the 3 teenagers with him (fool) now 2 years post divorce I am dating & having a difficult time finding balance between my own reinvention and parenting my 10 yr old daughter and fielding occasional responsibilities from my teens."Who's on 1st? Thoughts/suggestions?

Nicole, I do not have any suggestions but your posting made me smile so thank you. I have a close female friend who never married or had children but loves children. She has a teaching degree and is now a nanny. Well, she would visit my children when they were young and bring games and toys to play with them. I used to tell my children that Mary Poppins had arrived so good for you in recognizing your own Mary Poppins style.

Hi LiveHappy. I continue to admire your screen name. Your excellent response here reminded me that one time our son's girlfriend told me (she was 23 at the time and he was 24) that when she met him, she had adjusted to her life as a single mother but my son was so sweet that she changed her mind about dating. Well, they have been together for about 2 years now and I have told our son that her glowing words about him mean more to me than if he told me he found a job that paid him one million dollars. Oh, they are struggling financially but they support each other and he is excellent as a father to her daughter. I am thrilled to read about your supportive husband. Meanwhile, I have told others that my best life accomplishment was marrying my husband. We have been married for over 27 years and this wonderful man has been with me during 2 AVM's. Thank you, God.

Well then I raise my tea cup (herbal tea is my vice) and say cheers to you!