Paranoia, to what extent is it normal?

My son is almost 5 years old. When he was a baby, I noticed that he has these tiny thin vessels on the bridge of his nose. I never really thought about them since everyone said veins and vessels are easy to see on babies but did notice every now and then that it looks like another thin line shows up. Now he has like 4 or more. Today I noticed there is one on the side of his nose and it's pointing towards his eye. It freaked me it (whatever "it" is) is growing or spreading. I never seen this on other kids or babies--I don't think I have anyway. I don't know if I ever really looked[?]
I expected a certain level of paranoia to kind of hang around after my own avm experience much is too much? I know when I get headaches or migraines my first stupid thought is "oh no! It's growing back!" I recognize the paranoia in that. But holding my sons face against a lamp and taking pictures of his face? Not too sure if that's an acceptable amount of paranoia LOL. Will I spend the rest of my life examining every red splotch on myself and my kids? I have two boys....I'd always be in front of a bruise with a magnifying glass LOL What do I do? Just....learn to ignore these possibly imaginary flags? What if they aren't imaginary?

Kristi, you could post the pictures to a photo album here if you want some of us to take a look. I have been having identical thoughts about my own son, who had similar vessels in childhood, some of which are still visible. I still wonder if there is a genetic component for all of us for slightly more fragile vessels, that can sometimes result in spider veins, and sometimes avms. Remember that 80% of AVMs never become symptomatic and remain clinically insignificant.

Hey Kristi,

WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD! My kids are 28 and 26 and I STILL worry a lot about them.

Suggest you share and show your concerns to their pediatrician and see how he/she reacts.

All you can do is the best you can do for your kids. Rest is luck, or ????, or divine guidance based on what you believe. When you've done all you can do, that's all that's required. Stop beating yourself up.

Hang in there.
Ron, KS