Painful return to reality!

We came back from our wonderful Silver Anniversary trip Sunday night. Reality hit with a bang yesterday daughter had to take me to the E.R. at 3:45, writhing in back pain. :-(

Dear old Putnam Hospital...took three people over an hour to find a vein to put in an I.V.! I thought I had a kidney stone (I'd had one surgically removed a few years ago and this felt like the same type of pain. I guess the doctor thought that I made a good diagnostic, so she went along with my diagnosis! She said that she didn't want to do a CAT scan on me because I've had too many, so the only test she did was just ran a urinalysis. They gave me me nausea medicine and a morphine drip,which finally brought my pain level down from a 9-1/2 to 5 or 6. Then the doctor came back and said that the urinalysis "suggested" that I had a kidney stone, but there was nothing more they could do.

I went to see the urologist yesterday afternoon. he was shocked that the E.R. hadn't bothered to do even an ultrasound or regular x-ray! He did both. I do indeed have a good size stone...feels like "bad-size" to me! LOL. I am scheduled for surgery on Friday unless the stone passes (hopefully!) before then. Please say a prayer for me that it passes soon...this is very painful!

Hi Connie,

My daughter's boyfriend has kidney stones, so I know at least second hand how horrible to pain can be. Prayers have been sent up for the stone's passing.

Take care,

Hi Connie,
What a way to 'celebrate' @ the end of what was a wonderful occasion! *sigh*
Hope all goes well with surgery & you'll soon be feeling better!
Best wishes & take care.

Ow! I'm sorry! I had a kidney stone when I was pregnant with my 5 year old. I wasn't allowed anything but Lortabs. They made me pee in this dang strainer that slipped off the seat every time! It was horribly painful. I had such bad backaches. I told my boss at work that day that I felt like I was starting my cycle. She looked at my belly (I was 6 months along) and laughed. I went home then to the E.R. They said my backaches was actually contractions which was why it felt like my period was coming. Um, Idk about anyone else but I don't have contractions when I'm on my cycle Lmao! They did say I was lucky because the stone had already started to break up on its own after one day on fluids. When it did pass....OMG! I was in so much pain and the baby didn't appreciate the Lortabs, he made me throw each one up. So, I had a super huge headache where my avm was (didn't know I had one back then), was having the worst backache of my life (until the real contractions 3 months later), and was too afraid to pee in that strainer! The pain is just....ridiculous. Hoping for your stone to pass easy and quietly...or at least for a smooth operation if it won't pass on its own. Good luck:)

prayers to a speedy recovery, hope you feel well quickly!!

Thank you, Ladies! I think I saw a speck in the strainer, but I'm still hurting. Maybe it's breaking up...I hope! I saved the strainer with it's speck to bring to the urologist's office tomorrow. He gave me two strainers, so I am still a slave to my toilet. lol