Painful AVM going through natural emobilzation?

Does anyone else have intermittent pain at the site of their AVM? Sometimes the pain is immobilizing and I can't walk upright or at all (due the the place of mine). I talked to a doctor who said that it was probably going through a natural emobilization process. Has anyone else heard of this?

It does, in fact, get smaller from time to time (it was the size of a softball, now between a softball and a golf ball). But, then, if it is going through a clotting and breaking down cycle, even a natural one shouldn't blood clots be a concern? When it goes through a painful phase, it feels ultra swollen but the skin does not become discolored. Then, suddenly, it will stop hurting and I won't feel a thing until it starts to rage again. It's the strangest thing.

I’ve never heard of natural embolization, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

You didn’t mention the frequency of these changes. But based on the size changes, I would want to have it treated.

I hope the DR you mentioned is a super-pro at working on AVMs. If he isn’t, I’d want to get to one that knows AVMs inside out.

Ron, KS