hello all i have not been on for a while just thought i would give you all an update i still don’t have any health insurance yes i did apply for medicare and they just told me that my house income is too high but if that’s the case why am i havin trouble paying my bills but since i did not get fisio for a couple a month now i get pain in my knee,shoulder and my hand all on my left my affected side of my stroke i wonder is this has happen to anyone after there stroke is this regular should i contact my doctor it hurts almost all the time my shoulder my knee only hurts when i walk too much my hand has this needle in my hand

I’m not sure of your entire story but i was just reading your blog about being denied for the medicare. What state do you live in and have you tried applying for state health insurance?
That’s what I had to do. My AVM bleed happenned just before the start of the fall quarter for school last year… since I’d just gone into the hospital and used the money I’d saved for my tuition for my hospital care I was late on my tuition payment and my school dropped me so I had no coverage… I was working at the time and since I’d had coverage through school I didn’t bother to get health coverage at work… it was a disaster… Anyway because of the bleed my dr’s approved me for state disability which then made me eligible for state insurance coverage. (It’s kind of like public assistance insurance. In california it’s called Medi-Cal)
I hope this helps you in some way… but definitely check with the state and the welfare office and see what, if anything they can do for you. Good luck on your journey

well i live in Florida Jessica thanks so much i will do my research on the state insurance