I had gamma knife a couple years ago and I still have head pain. I have been to the hospital and a lot of doctors. They think it can't effect because it was treated. My PCP thinks it is scar tissue and the AVM shrinking. I am at my limit with feeling like this. My pain level on a scale of 1-10 is 7. So now I have to go to a pain specialist. He ordered me to have a bubble test and head and neck CT. So I had the tests done. Then another bunch of bad news added to my pre-existing condition. He said I have 3 slipped vertebrae and I have to undergo 3 sessions of 6 injections in my neck. I was very upset to find out that I already have another problem that could require a risky operation. So I am bummed out about it and have stayed in bed since I heard that. Can anyone imagine going through this? I am just so depressed...I don't know what to do.

Sorry to hear this. I had my gamma knife in 2008, finally a crainotomy 2010 due to the damage the gamma knife caused. I am still suffering from major headaches. My AVM has been taken out, plus the damage it caused. I still have a lot of damage in my head, which I am being treated for headaches from the surgeries. I hope you get your pain undercontrol... Good Luck!!

Thank you. You have been through a lot, my gosh. Where was your AVM, mine is in the center deep in the brain. What damage did the gamma knife do to you? I still freak out about the pain, I hate it...everyday it is bad. I started going to a pain management doctor and so far he has treated me with pain medication but now I have to have a series of injections to block the painful/irritated nerves. It is a series 6 sessions each time injected in the neck. It just has been quite a ride for the past five years. Let me know how you are doing I wish their was a miracle medicine for head pain. Did you have several surgeries? to remove the AVM. Where was your AVM located? What hospital did you go to? Sorry for so many questions it is just nice to talk to someone who is going through pain problems. It sounds like either way we go (gamma or crain.) we still suffer from pain. Sucks!

Good Luck to you as well.