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Pain relief. Please help

I have a genetic mutation which has caused me to have many AVMs (9 total that I’m a aware of, 3 have been removed). The ones causing pain are one that is near my parotid gland on my left side and one behind my left eye in the socket. Tylenol and ice packs can only do so much. I remember one time when the pain in my eye was so bad I resorted to taking a leftover percocet from an earlier surgery. It was the only thing that worked. I’m just so exhausted from the constant pain. Does anyone here have any tips on dealing with the pain? I’m just so distraught from not being able to find something that works. Please help me.

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Geo, I can certainly feel your frustration, my wife has significant chronic back pain and it is very difficult for her. My AVM related pain comes and goes so I get some relief. In Canada we have “pain Clinics” that a primary care provider can refer someone to. Not sure if something similar there, may be worth a look. I’ll be thiking about you, take care, John.

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@JD12’s advice of a pain clinic is the only advice I can think of too. Just wanted to say I am also thinking of you and hoping you find some relief soon.

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I know this all to well, I have tried all sorts of things over the years, as much as I don’t like it, currently the only relief I get is hydrcodone, your best bet is talking to your nuero and consulting with pain management doctor, I pray you find some type of relief, take care and keep us posted,