Pain management

As some of you may already know my AVM is located deep within the muscle of my right pelvis (retroperitoneal). I had my 5th embolization 2 months ago after a failed attempt at surgical excision. At follow up I was told the risks of losing total use of my right leg (bc of extensive nerve involvement) with more surgery is one they are not willing to take again at this point. I am going to see a pain management specialist to see about nerve blocks bc I refuse to take any narcotics they make me feel worse. Has anyone had these done? If so what was your experience? Did it help or make things worse? Any advice would be greatly appriciated friends! I am also waiting to hear back from my surgeon about seeing a fertility specialist bc I am 26 years old wit no kids and we are worried all the radiation is harming my eggs. Any advice on egg freezing is also welcome! Thank you

I've been seeing a pain management dr for about 4 years now. I've been on Dilaudid most of this time and it has no bad side effects for me. Some of the other pain meds he tried me on made me sleepy or just feeling dopey. The dilaudid (a type of morphine) doesn't do that.
My pain is from the back of my head all the way down to my sacrum. Oh, into the upper part of my left leg. I get nerve blocks in my neck every 3 months and they help a LOT.

I refused narcotics too in the beginning and my dr had to talk me into trying it. I'm glad he did. Without my meds, I can hardly move. The mornings are my worst time. After about an hour of taking my morning pill, I feel normal again. Well,... As normal as one can. LOL


Lol thank you Ben for sharing your experience although I wish we all didn’t have to go through this. I will definately try something if I really need it but right now I’m taking tramadol which is non narcotic bc Percocet Vicodin and even Tylenol make me nauseas and extremely tired. Im hoping nerve blocks will be the key, right now I’m beginning to feel helpless with all the time off work persistant pain and just weakness of my body anymore. Thank you again I will keep your advice in mind hope your getting better as well.