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Pain again :/


So I have a cerebellar avm plus tn pain…the pain was been controlled with 300g of gabapentin but since las week the pain returned but today was unbearable… I don’t know what’s happening, I can bare the pain on my back, on my neck, migraines , nauseas but tn just kills me :frowning: .



Hi Dulce,I know exactly what you're going through.I had TN caused by a AVM pressing the nerve.There is no pain that compares to it.I took Tegretol.I can't really say it worked but it did help a bit.The pain progressed over time even after i had a CyberKnife procedure on the AVM.It got so bad i couldn't leave the bedroon and i wasn't getting the usual remission.I finally found Dr.Desaloms in Dallas and he did a GammaKnife treatment on the nerve itself.I have been TN pain free for 3 years now thank God!I still have the AVM and have to watch it,but so far no pain.Good luck to you!