There are so many challanges since my surgery and they are always changing. What was a challange after surgery (such as eating, recognizing simple things such as a fork, reading, writing, keeping my eyes open, sleeeping) are now of the past, except the the sleeping part. Now things such as walking, exercise, focusing, multi-tasking, emotions, feelings of being overwhelmed, noise, etc... (u get the picture) are huge hurdles. It seems to always be changing. How do we not get bogged down with the self pressure to get back to feeling better and wondering if it will ever get better? Any thoughts anyone. BY the way just an update since my migraines have returned I have decided to send all my records to Spetzler in Airzona to get HOPEFULLY some clear answers as to why my legs are not better , and to see if the MRI or DVA looks ok....

Dr. Spetzler is one of the best AVM experts around. I will be praying for you!

Yes, it will get better Heidi!! I remember the 1st time I went to the supermarket after surgery (months after) & I was teriffied, couldn't deal with the noice, the options, it was awful! Now, 2 yrs after, I can catch a bus alone & go and do my own shopping etc. It just takes time my friend & you WILL do it!!

Heidi I will tell you it will get better and change but I also will tell you it is a slow process. Stores of any kind are difficult based on noise, colors and the flourescent lighting. I had a problem with the lighting flickering and I went into seizures. I now will not go into any store that has Balasts problems. It has been 12 years for me but I remember as it was yesterday and I can tell you take it slow and rest real frequently. A short time of closing your eyes with quiet or fan or wave tape noise is very helpful. We will be here when you have time.