Outer Space

I won't claim that I know what it's like for others who go without the AVM-thing, but I do try to empathize. I try to get their situation, and I fail miserably. I simply cannot get it.

Although I look very similar pre-AVM-bleed and surgery, I'm constantly reminded just how different I've become, almost like a creature from outer space - na-nu na-nu, y'all! To top things off, it's like that movie, "Groundhog Day", where the same thing happens over and over again...I don't even think that Patti G.'s tees would do the trick =(

Just a rude reminder of a gripe and getting it off my chest. Thanks.

Gripes are welcome here too (grin).

I think you might be looking at it wrong though: No matter what you do, if someone challenges you on it, just shrug and say "Ooops, brain surgery here, sorry..............." and skip away merrily.

Ron, ks