Out of surgery

Had my third embolization today. I’m out of surgery and in my room. Everything went well just didn’t get the news we were hoping for, its not gone yet

Thanks for the update Erin and so glad to hear everything went ok for you today! While you may not have heard what you wanted to today - you will someday my friend - we are all inching our way to being AVM FREE :))!!!

Sorry you didn't hear that it was gone -- but keep fighting!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Bummer as they used to say in the late sixties. On the other hand…I am glad they were no complications during this procedure today! Do you get to go home and have Turkey soon?

Erin, Glad to hear ur 3rd embo was a success! I am curious to know, where u told by ur drs that embolisation alone will obliterate ur avm?! I think ur dr should better explain his treatment plan, because embolisations alone, will NOT obliterate an avm. I hope this doesn't come as a big shock to u. I also have a large avm that was treated by 4 embos starting 2 yrs ago. Embos helped my symptoms TREMENDOUSLY but I still live with my avm! Happy Thanksgiving! Please check out my blog.... -GK

My doctor did say that I most likly will need a gamma knife treatment but was hoping this would be the last embo

I did get home in time to have thanksgiving dinner at a family friends

you're a trooper. hang in there; you have much to be thankful for.

Just wanted you to know I prayed out loud for your quick and full recovery...I know it's disappointing not to get a clean bill of health after such anticipation of total success. It only took four tries to get mine right but it was worth waiting...I will continue to keep you in my prayers and look forward to the day you'll be AVM free.

Your friend,


Stay positive Erin. You are handling it well - think of this as an adventure. Be proud that you truly are a survivor. There will come a day when you type "obliterated".

Sending positive thoughts to you!..... hang in there!! I'm with you until you will be AVM free!!

I'm glad to hear that the surgery went ok. Sorry to hear that it's not gone yet, though. Hang in there, and hopefully it won't be much longer till you are AVM free.

Sorry that you didn't heard that it was gone.....But have faith and be strong my friend you will see everything is going to be okay!

Stay strong and keep praying cause it will happen....God bless

Hi Erin, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope everything turns out for you. I am in the same boat as you. I have a 5cm in my left occipital lobe. Did you lose any of your peripheral vision after your embolizations? Thoughts and prayers

I have had some problems with my peripheral vison but they come and go

Bubu, my 4 embolizations actually IMPROVED my peripheral vision deficit!:) My vision was worse a couple of years ago, as well as stroke like symptoms on my left side. I saw a neuropthalmologist in '09 for a vision test before my procedures and determined I had lost the peripheral vision on the left side of both eyes.(my avm is in the RT occiptal lobe). Since my 4 embos, my vision has vastly improved to the point that I don't notice a deficit. I think because we have had our avms our entire lives, we have trained our brains to compensate for this vision loss. My only got worse a couple years ago b/c of the size of my avm and the "steal phenomenom" it had on my occipital lobe. 'Steal' meaning it steals blood from healthy brain areas that control various functions like sight. My embolisations simply rerouted blood supply to the affected parts of my brain and now, I'm good as new!:) Hope this is encouraging?! -GK