Our Risk of Stroke and the Decrease Since our Surgeries

So, since my follow-up isn't until July - this is going to bug me until then. I was at 68% stroke risk when my AVM was found in Dec. 2011. My GK was in Feb. 2012. Does anyone know at what percentage our stroke risks DECREASE now that we have had our surgeries? do they decrease 2% year-to-year like our stroke risks increse year-to-year as if we weren't to have our surgeries? Or is this something I should wait to ask my docs?

You should ask your doctor. I'm pretty sure it decreases with GK but I can only assume that the performing neurosurgeon and/or your neurologist would know how much your risk decreases because they would know more about YOUR avm specifically.

Zilly74. I was told before I had my treatment that I was at a 89% stroke risk. When I went for my follow ups after I had my Proton Beam Radiation, they never lowered the risk until I was told 2 years later that I was AVM Free. Stay Strong!

Wow, that is a scary thought....and with our personality changes, ie, getting irritated easily, that doesn't help us much, does it?