Our Mary is having her surgery tomorrow... July 16, 2009

The surgery wasn't for another week (July 23) but they called last Friday and moved it up...

Laura and I are trying to stay strong, but need some comfort here... so I figured I would blog and look for our new AVM Family to provide some words of wisdom, support, or just a "it will be ok..." insight.

Oh Boy, We thought we'd would be ok but now as the day is upon us... we're at that over emotional, can't sleep, don't eat, eat to much, where's the sugar, call me, don't call me, need someone to talk to, don't talk about it and can't think straight stage...

Mary is trying to be a trouper but it's really starting to affect her sleep, the doctor gave her Xanax to take for the last couple days to try and clam her a bit... so she slept a little better on the couch last night... told her to get comfy on that couch as it's going to be her comfort zone for a while... :-)

Tomorrow surgery is to start about 1pm; Mom, Dad, sister Laura, brothers Ted & Dave and husband Jim will all be there along with others throught the day/evening.

I will be here at my house with Mary's kids, Twins Taylor & Jarrett (13) and younger brother Jordan (12). I keep thinking how will I answer any questions they may have, do I show them the sites they I have found...?

AVM Family, we are leaning on you at this time for prayers, shoulder or share a story.

Thanks so much for being here!
Hugs to everyone and may your bumpy road in life be just a little better than yesterday,
Leann and Laura

Ladies…Sending you all the positive thoughts I can. I’m sure it was quite a shock to have the surgery moved up. I’m sure you’re all scared, anxious, nervous…Thank goodness Mary has such a strong group of support people, she can relax a little knowing her children are going to be well taken care of. As far as the children go, try to answer any questions honestly, but without scaring them too much, if that’s possible. They just want to know that mommy will be okay, so try to be reassuring. They’re of an age that they may understand the sites that you’ve found, but it may scare them to know this is happening to their mom. I do wish you all the very best of luck. Tell Mary we’re all thinking of her. Please let us know how she’s doing. We all like to hear the great success stories, as I’m sure Mary’s will be.

L&L- what a hard time for you guys. But let me just say how VERY thrilled it makes me to see such wonderful and active support for your lovely Mary! As someone who has been in that place- scared, anxious, worried, hopeful… it’s so overwhelming and hard to be “you” at that moment and interact with your friends & family the way you would normally. And for you guys to just be there for her, well she has to count herself very lucky in that regard.
The xanax helps. And for me it’s always milkshakes! Anything to treat myself before treatment. I figure I deserve it even if I pay for it later. :slight_smile:
There really is no way to prepare for these things. Stay positive and hopeful. Chances are everything will be fine. That of course doesn’t take away the scary factor…nothing does until it’s over. And while it is so nerve racking to have it bumped up…well in a very short time frame it will be over regardless.
Good luck to Mary of course! Just keep doing what you are doing. If she hasn’t told you in a million different ways, let me assure you that she appreciates you ladies more than you may ever know!

i send my thoughts to you and Mary. i hope everything goes better then expected and she has a speedy recovery stay strong ladies.

I am praying that Mary’s surgery goes well and that she has a quick recovery.

Thanks to everyone who has sent such positive and reassuring words to me and my friend Lee! Of course I tried to go to bed early last night I was up tossing and turning and didn’t get much sleep so my emotions are running hard. Lee, thank you for being such a positive shining light through all of this and for keeping me grounded and reminding me to pray for those who may be doing things, unconsiously of course, that really get under my skin. I love you and thank you so much for helping out with the kids today. I will talk to you soon and I really hope you slept better than I did last night. LYM

Laura, I will send prays for Mary! Truthfuly, that’s all you can do right now is pray and belive! Keep in touch with us…I believe God will take good care of her!

sending my best thoughts to you all that Mary’s surgery is a success and she has a speedy recovery. stay strong and believe all will go well.


Hi Leann,

Hoping Mary’s surgery goes well, and virtual hugs to both you and Laura.


Our thoughts, prayers, and hugs are with you all!

you know i am thinking of you both during this time leann…mary is in my prayers and i am sending lots of positive energies her ways…please let me know how it all goes…although i already know it is a sucess…a big hug to you both xxx