Our lovely wedding!

Saturday Ben and I got married! It was an beautiful day and I couldn’t have asked for more. I have married the man of my dreams and I know we will live a full life together! I hope to get to next May in one piece and have this operation so that we can really get started on life. We’ve decided to take the full year off, and after I’ve fully recovered, travel non stop! Thank you so much for your kindness and support! We will all make it through this together!


LIKE!!! LIKE!!! LIKE!!! Vera you and Ben look absolutely in love! Congratulations!!! Good luck to you and your new hubby on the road ahead!

Congratulations! Glad everything fell into place to make this day special.

Take care,


congratulations vera,
what a geourgeous coupe you both are…it has brought tears to my eyes…i am so happy your special day was perfect …may you and ben have a life together full of love, joy, ha[ppieness, health and smiles…all my love and best wishes to you both aliciaxox

Congrats Vera! The photo looks amazing. So glad you had a wonderful day. All the best.

Congratulations!! Enjoy your first year of marriage it is the best!