Our Dogs, the Woolf Pack

One is our granddog, he belongs to Holly and Justin. from left to right it’s Rocky (lab-retrievre mix), Toby (Goldendoodle), Jo Jo (little white Bichon) and Waylon (Toby’s brother).

Are those goldenoodles? My neighbors got a goldenoodle this past fall and he is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. The white one looks like a dog we rescued that we named Gracie, what kind is she? She had been neglected and doesn’t have ears, just little holes on her head and alot of attitude. The black one is beautiful, too. What a cute bunch. Before everything happened with my son I worked with a dog rescue organization and fostered unwanted dogs.

OMG… they are so cute. Who are they all and what kinds? The white one definitely looks like the Boss. LOL

How did you get them to sit for that picture .I love dogs !