Our dog has passed away

Sadly after a long illness our dog Ruby had to be put to sleep on Saturday. She could not eat or drink and was so weak we had to carry her to the vet. We stayed with her when she passed away and were all crying and I still am.
She was the one who was always waiting for me when I came out of hospital, always knew when something was wrong and has been with me since this AVM experience started.
We miss her so much and can not get used to her not barking at next doors cat, or anyone passing the house, chasing the birds off her garden. If anyone has seen the film “Marley and me” you will know what I mean.
Everyone asks if we are having another dog but she could never be replaced

Kevin, I am so sorry. I’ve been down that road a couple of times myself. Ruby was a beautiful girl. We’ve always had labs and they are the best, very intuitive to our situation somehow. I know she can’t ever be replaced, but after a while I do hope you get another friend, dogs rule!

Hi Kevin,

I’m so sorry that Ruby is gone. My cat Blizzard keeps me company when I’m not feeling well. I did see “Marley and me” and read the book before I saw the movie, so I completely understand what type of dog Ruby was. A very special one.

Take care,


So sorry to hear this. I had a Boston Terrier puppy that was always there for me during my recovery and can’t imagine life without that crazy furball.

KevinI’m so sorry …you know I’m a big dog lover .Last year our dog passed too and I still cry when thinking of him. They are like our babys. I had to go straight out and get another , I couldn’t stand to see his things or the place he sat. It does help to get one fast to help keep you busy. He will neaver be replaced but my dog now also gives so much love. Just go to the shelter and walk arround …just maybe you will see Ruby in one of those dogs .