Our day in a nutshell (7-27-13)

John woke me up at around 5am… i was “breathing fast” again and he heard it so he woke me up. Apparently i breathe really fast when I have bad dreams. At 6:40 he woke me again to help him remove his night splint on his left arm-- it prevents his fingers from gnarling and thus prevents contractures. I really do see the benefits of it. Even though he says it makes his hand sore in the morning I’ve noticed a decreased in clenched hands.

I laid back down and told him to wake me up if he needed help with dressing. He didn’t wake me up so about 9 am I hopped out of bed worried about him. I went into his room and gave him a huge hug- he rescued me from a bad dream- my hero! It was rainy out so the dogs and I lounged while John worked from home (that is a real blessing to us).

At about 2pm… I went to the grocery store for a few thigs and also for cookies since he rescued me from a nightmare. John was napping when I got home so I just let him be. I think it helped. He was much more cheerful today but it also could have been the cookies I baked him.

I did dishes, laundry, put stuff “away”… His parents are staying the night with us so I wanted them to see that yes, I take care of their son and his environment- sure they know that.

His parents and brother came into town from Arkansas. They’re just passing through. We all had a late dinner- John was able to eat everything on his plate!! I really think the lyrica has increased his appetite bc gabapentin never made him have the munches!!!

So all-in-all, today would be considered a fair day for John. He did have a migraine, but mood wise, he was laughing at all the jokes and cracking a few himself!! :wink:

Sounds like the homemade cookies did him good.
John is very blessed to have you as his partner! <3 Be sure to also take GOOD care of you too. :)