Orgasm and AVM

This may be a sensitive subject/question but I could really use some input from the members here. Has any woman here, with an untreated AVM, had an instant headache after an orgasm? I know I should ask my neurologist, and I will, but in the meantime does anyone have experience of this or can explain what is happening? Thanks.

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My sister is currently in ICU after an AVM rupture. While visiting her, one of her nurses told me about a recent pacient who came in due to a rupture during orgasm. Im sorry thats probably not what you want to hear, but my advice would be to please take it easy until you see someone about what you’re experiencing.

You Go Girl … Just kidding!

I’m all in for healthy, satisfying, sex, but maybe you should slow-your-roll until you talk to your doctors. All of them! My doctors made me wait 6 months before saying “go for it”. I would also add, be careful and be aware! Best of luck.

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I will call my neurologist secretary…better be careful how I word my question :smiley::smiley:

You can be sure that it won’t be the first time your neurologist or his secretary have been asked that question. It’s a good one. And if the neuro says “no problem” you can relax, which of course, makes it that much better!

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Oops pressed reply before finishing…I was wondering if taking a beta blocker beforehand might help, as beta blockers lower blood pressure. Just a thought. And if there are any doctors on here I would really appreciate your input as well. Many thanks.

My neurosurgeon always told me to live my life normally specifically when I asked about sex…

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Not just the ladies, there are definitely stories of people having a decent headache post orgasm. Search for “bedroom” or “sex” with the grey search magnifying glass.

Wise words from the past… (you need to expand the link or follow it to see the relevant part)…


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All of my sex drive returned when I started medical marijuana. Before that. Zilch!!!


I believe we were told I had to wait to have sex but I also had blood clots in my brain and I think my husband was scared ****less too of killing me during sex, which is the way he wants to die, but not my way I want to go! Ha ha-

Anyway I think it makes sense you might have a headache after since increased blood flow.
I even get worse headaches when traveling to the mountains etc
clear it with your doctor first

I’m a man.
I had to go to ER post orgasm when I was younger.
As has been said, not a rare thing.

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I was on vacation last may and that was how I discovered I had my AVM.
My doctor said it was ok to have sex but to concentrate on breathing. I would definitely discuss with your doctor.
My doctors advice at Kaiser is to monitor my Avm. I am waiting for a second opinion from UCSF.
This is my 1st interaction on the site. It has been helpful and I thank all involved.
I think it will help with my desision reading other experiences .
Good health and good luck to us all!

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Hello, been following post but hesitant to chime till I saw tdz, yes this is normal and common issue, male or female, best of luck to you, only avmer’s understand other avmer’s, take care,

In 1975, at 19 years old, I had my first bleed while having sex. Afterward my family doc said to not hold my breath during sex (which we often do without thinking about it). Today, I take a couple tylenol before as a preventive because it almost always gives me a headache. AND I remember to breathe :slight_smile: My neurologist also told me to live life as normally as possible. You can have a bleed in your sleep! And I agree with Angela4’s husband-what a way to go-LOL

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I don’t get a headache after an orgasm, but I must say that I do get that feeling of “going away” like I’m going to have a seizure and usually I get my left side temor going. It’s actually a joke between me and my man :blush:

Looks like you may be in luck. Here’s an article about it.;year=2016;volume=19;issue=1;spage=1;epage=4;aulast=Imarhiagbe
This is a real thing. You’re not alone with this. HAS stands for Headache Associated with Sexual Activity.

“HAS in the primary or benign form is amenable to treatment with drugs including indomethacin, propranolol and calcium channel blockers (nimodipine, verapamil and diltiazem) with excellent prognosis. Conclusion: Early evaluation for underlying cause of HAS and institution of appropriate treatment is recommended.”

Speak with a neurologist, female or male. You’re allowed to live your life and enjoy orgasms. People understand. Doctors are serious professionals and won’t embarrass you. You can print the article and bring it with you as a way of breaking the ice.

… but this just says that “secondary HAS” can have an underlying cause being that of an AVM. Since we all have an AVM, it is pretty likely that any HAS is related to the AVM, though there are other causes (“etiologies”):

"The secondary form is of varied aetiology and so appears under different sub-classifications depending on the identified underlying cause in the ICHD system…

The following have been associated with secondary HAS, some of which are life threatening…

  • Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)…"

I’m not sure what the article tells us, other than that cerebral AVM and HAS are correlated. Is there something I’m not getting? Or was that your point?



Hi Dick,

jap001 wrote that she has an “untreated AVM.” So, yes, that was my point, there is some sort of a correlation. She should see a neurologist. And she’s right that it is a sensitive subject since it relates to such an intimate part of the body. My only input was that, in addition to asking for advice from other patients, she should not hesitate to bring up the issue with a neurologist. It seems from her post like she might be embarrassed to discuss it and I was only suggesting that she be completely open with her doctor.

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And she does say that she will ask her neurologist about this. I’m only expressing encouragement.

Ok. Well done! Sorry I wasn’t following the conversation well enough!


All good!
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