I went to see Dr. Kim today. What a great Surgeon! He was very nice and compassionate. We determined that the episode in the shower was a focal seizure. My Canvernous angiomma is located right by my facial sensory area. I have 2 options 1) be on seizure meds the rest of my life and have rebleeds looks like there has been 2 one recent and one old. 2) small craniotomy. its pretty close to the surface and can easily be removed even with the little draining vein. It posses no threat to the rest of my brain beacaues its so tiny. The worse case senario is that i might have some facial numbeness (tingling and cold) on my right side but still have general feeling. No paralysis and no speech issues. I think im opting for surgery. get this thing out of my head. I dont wanna plan my life around "what if i have a seizure" that combined with the anxiety will make me go crazy!

Hi suzq,
So glad you (too!) found a "very nice & compassionate surgeon." :)
Surgery is a very humbling & personal choice, and as Ninibeth mentioned, "follow what is in your heart." You will know what is right for you. :)
When you come to your decision & want to share, we'll be here to cheer you on!
Best wishes.

Hello suzq. A compassionate & knowledgable surgeon makes such a difference! This is a very personal choice and as Patti & Ninibeth say, follow your heart! Which ever decision you make, we are here to support you! My thoughts & prayers are with you....all the very best!