Guys when we first found out that oprah was going to be doing a show on avm’s I sent her an email and told her that I go to Chicago to the Headache Clinic every couple months and that I wanted to go to one of her shows if she would get me 2 tickets. lol. Well my next visit is on the 21st and I told her that I would be up there for a few days. Well then I get an email from someone on here and it was saying it was going to be on the 21st. I have my fingers crossed that I get to go to the Oprah Show. Wouldn’t that be so amazing! Free tickets to See Oprah!! CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!! lol and to be there the same day she does the show on AVM’s!!! lol I hope you all can tell my excitement in the blog. And that it isnt too confusing for you to understand what I am saying.hahah.