Opinions -- odd happenings?


Curious what you would say … My daughter is 11 and has a left homonymous hemianopsia and a right field collapse. She’s had three craniotomies, most recently in 2011.

Yesterday she probably ran into at least 5 displays at the grocery store. She came in the house and face planted in kitchen floor. During the night, I heard her cough then a little vomiting. Behaviors a bit more difficult than usual.

Just an odd combination of things. Think it’s just a bad day? Or something to check out??

Hi Tina,

No clue about the conditions you mentioned. But if your daughter's behavior is not ordinary for her, I'd talk with a DR about it.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Yes, Tina - do go get her checked out. Better to err on the safe side. Plus, she might not be able to tell you she's in distress, or feeling really weird. You all have dealt with so much I'm sure that additional weirdness must be a little "meh." The change in visual acuity is enough reason to call the doctor. My last rehab doctor told me that if there is any acute change, call the neurologist. If the neuro can't see you, go to the ER. I think she was Mom-ing me a bit, but I think her approach is directionally correct. www.annninglearninghow.com

Tina definitely check with her neurologist. I have left homonymous hemianopsia. A little over a year ago I started bumping in to more things and feeling a more dizzy than usual. My neurologist ordered an EEG to check for seizures. I wasn't having seizures but it might be a good idea to ask about that.

definitely ck it out. also sounds like Left neglect or right neglect. I had left neglect from the craniotomy , and it took about 12 months to fully heal, I did a lot of occupational physical therapy. And I had to were eyelight glasses that flash lights to wake up the left eye / quadrants. I just got cleared to drive for my vision and my surgery was Jan 31,2012
Regards, Sherry

I have a left Homonymous hemianopia and have had it for 50 years, since AVM bleed. It is a lot more than “losing peripheral vision”. She needs to be going to a neuro optometrist, not an opthalmologist. Nothing is wrong with her eyes. She has CVI or Cortical Vision Impairment. There are lots of therapies they can do with her.


My neuro pthalmalogist is Dr. Golnaz Moazami @ Columbia Medical Center, NY Presbyterian. She is the Only one that accurately diagnosed what was happenning with my vision after the AVM hemorage & craniotomy. The first eye doc charged me $350.00 an appt and I had to pay Cash, he didn't take insurance or even a credit card and I finally figured out after several thousands of $$, he was totally wrong about everything! My eyes are perfect, my Optic nerves are perfect, it was all about the brain needing time to heal given my avm was located very close to my optic nerves and the blood from the rupture likely impacted the healing time. It was scary how I was seeing but I knew my eyes and brain were not working together and processing normal. It was like looking thru a camera lens but it wouldn't take the picture fast enough to process in my brain and finally at the end of the first year of recovery, my vision started to get less blurry, I told my dr. it was like a projector in which you plug into your laptop to show a power point presentation and someone adjusts the lense to sharpen the projection on the screen