OK, my AVM bleed and operation was in 2002, and I
wrote here how I was to have a much smaller 4 1/2 hour
thyroid operation this year and the doctors grilled me on whether I could survive being "under", and of course this
means anesthesia. Well, it was worse and more complicated
than I was told, but the anesthesia part was no problem.
Not only was it OK, but they needed me for a smaller
operation that night at 2:30 in the AM, and I was so
tired that they almost did not need to give me anything
for the pain. I am happy it is over, but we AVM survivors
are tough cookies and compared to brain surgery it
was a ride at Disney World.

During my AVM operation there was a difference, and that
was that I had amnesia at the time and had no idea
that I was having an operation and so had nothing to
worry about. Ignorance is bliss and I did have to worry
before this operation.

So, if you are an AVM survivor who had a big operation
years ago...at least you survived that and the experience
may help you in future medical encounters. I hope so.

Hi John. So you are a professional surgery patient now ... lol. I am glad your thyroid operation went well and your AVM experience helped you. Yes, ignorance is bliss and I continue to be recharged by your blogs. Happy spring and I am thrilled to see the sunshine today.

We were supposed to have sunshine today, but we got cheated.

Thank you.
Hope we all have a nice Spring, because the last month of Winter
was awful!

I remember being frightened going in for an ear biopsy due to a bad ear infection. But that went find and when I woke I wasn't that sore either, My first brain surgery I have no memory of and even the first few days are blurry as it was due to a bleed, So when I was told I would need another brain surgery to remove the AVM I was a little frightened but not of the surgery for whatever reason I just knew I would make it through that I was more afraid of having "issues" after surgery, But again it went really well :) , Your comment is exactly right There is nothing to worry about after all you cannot change it !, After brain surgery you do look at things differently , loads of things become easier :) Take care and thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Martin! Yes, we can't change anything and we can sometimes worry ourselves
into a much worse problem or work with things to do the best that we can.
I am glad that you are doing well!