Opening back up

Telling the story of my AVM is a tough one. It’s no scarier than anyone elses - in fact I’m lucky mine was operable. Sure, my life is not what I thought it would be, but I’m still here and seizure free. Antidepressant free; no. Seizure meds; yes. Working; not yet. The internet happened and since I was out of it for enough years, my job is gone.

I’m in school and it’s hard. I take one class a semester. And I’m in school. I’m progressing.

Yes I still have a pity party regularly but I also have hope that I will contribute more than I take at some point. Just not today.

Sounds like you are doing the best you can which is all you should ask of yourself! Good luck with your schooling.

No problem, Robbin. We are here for you. Just take things one day at a time.

Sounds like you are doing just fine, Robbin! I know it sounds cliche, but you really just need to take it one day at a time.