Onyx embolization validity

Hi, I had Onyx embolization for left basifrontal avm and my post MRI and angio revealed it’s been obliterated completely.but I wonder how much years does the onyx stays in your arteries stronger cause I got it done at the age of 18 ,did anyone ask their doctor about it?

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@Nanzzz Hello I had my first embolism in Jan of 2012 with glue and onyx and they wanted to go back in a few months but I had a stroke during the embolism and needed to get back to work from my first massive unrelated stroke that was March of 2011- My dr is the founder and head of neuro radiology at Stanford and good friends with my gf who ran the MRIs at Stanford- so when she was getting ready to retire I went back in 2015 with Dr Marks and some how my body had sealed some of the feeders on their own and the remainder I think 2 or 3 he doesnt want to touch cause it could paralyze me so I get MRA scans every couple of years which I think my last scan was 2018 and everything was good. The way Dr Marks explained to me was that his years of experience he can tell based on the type of avm and the location what is best to use for the embolism. But if you ever feel anything in your brain different you need to tell someone and get to the dr. I do know the glue can move and even right after my embolism I was hearing popping noises in my head- My avm is a DAVF near my left ear so everything is kinda loud that happens to it. Last year when I had nerve block shot in my neck scalene muscle I actually had a delayed allergic reaction and then my bp dropped to 70/30 and my DAVF started to make noise. I should of gone to the ER but instead I just took a bunch of benedryl and midodrine which I normally take anyway. We know our bodies best and esp when it comes to our brains - So glad yours is obliterated.
hugs Angela

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I can’t answer any better than Angela. Are you worried about yours? Is it feeling different in some way?


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One - how are you feeling NOW? < that’s how my neurosurgeon put it to me

There is no exact science to this - but, it is better than it has ever been

I had my Onyx emboolization slightly over 3 months ago - 100% inclusion on first procedure(Even after suffering a hemorrhage stroke). I went against the odds, my chances of complete obliteration on the 1st try were about 20% - due to location & complexity - if it wasn’t for this procedure being available & protected as it has, mine would have serious complications from a craniotomy (since mine is considered close to inoperable)

So far - so good, no probs whatsoever - NOW(recovery, that’s a whole different thread I posted)

My neurological team was amazing & really broke this down to where I could understand what is what - their oldest case of complete obliteration is 5 years - they are still going strong

Thanks to the help of this community, I was able to get ahold of some much older cases of complete Onyx obliteration - oldest was over a decade back < he’s still going strong & has not had any problems relating to his Onyx embolization

And - also what I have learned - every case is different

This is the best, most up to date general information I can put together after countless of hours doing research on the subject


I’m on the same boat he explained to me inside the AVM is already like spaghetti so it’s so tight it’s very unlikely for the thing to move. I have angiogram May next year. I’ve seen people here with embolizations done 15+ years ago.

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