Onyx embolisation

I am once again in recovery mode after some exstensive embolisation last Tuesday at RPA. The radiotherapy (novalis) I had in June 2010 has had a positive impact on the core of my AVM such that my doctors have a much clearer view of the integrated blood flow through the AVM. Blood flow is now less which enables more successful embolisation. I have another procedure planned in a month so I will take this time to recover and build up my strength. It can be funny how these things work sometimes. If not for the small bleeds in early July I would not have ended up in RPA and so would not have had the successful embolisation. I so thankful to my doctors and fantastic support from my wife.

Glad how all of this has worked out for you. Hope the next procedure brings you further in your recovery.

Take care,

I have had an Onyx Embolisation of my AVM so I am glad to hear it has worked for you. It is very non invasive method. I had my AVM embolised when I was 15 after a massive bleed in 2004. They only got 90% but 3 yrs on after a scan they found they couldn’t see an more AVM on the scan so the last 10% must have fixed itself. All the best for the future. Monique