Ontario AVM Survivors

Just looking to connect with more people locally. I was treated in the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa), Sick Kids (Toronto), and Toronto Western Hospital. I live a few hours North of Toronto, and I would just like to meet other people in my area!
From, Julia

Hi Hermione,

I live in Toronto and was treated at SickKids Hospital as well.

I am in Hamilton area and had a spinal AVM treated at Hamilton General Hospital. I think I am a few years older than the two of you.LOL

Kingston, Ontario here. I had a rupture in January of last year, treatment in Toronto in April that was not successful and then had a successful surgery back in Kingston in June.

Hello Julia,

St. Michael Hospital was my choice last April and May (coil embolization on the first, and a Dural AV Fistula for a Bilateral Onyx Embolization to VASC malformation from occipital supply, on the second).

I’m going back in June for follow up and another eventual procedure.

Excellent people and very knowledgeable too.
My doctors: Cusimano, Marotta and Tsecchi

Good luck


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I wish you the best with your follow-up, Enrique!! I hope all is well!
Thanks for your response!


I had a new follow up brain angiogram on June 20th.
They confirmed the existance of a remaining fistula which still needs to be discussed among the surgeons and myself to decide the next step.

The possible choices anticipated after the angiogram were: another embolization, open surgery, or none of them.

Still waiting for their call.



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Hi! I’m here from London, Ontario. Recently diagnosed with avm on my uterus. Waiting further instructions right now.

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Welcome to AVM Survivors! It is great to have you with us!

Well done for joining both special groups. When you know a bit more about your AVM, start a new thread and all of the members of the Pelvic & Uterine group will get a notification, so I hope will help you a little. It doesn’t do that when you write back to an existing conversation. However, im sure the Canadians in this conversation will say Hi!



Welcome to the website, Apples! My AVM was in my brain, which I realize is a totally different area of medical treatment, but I hope that all goes well for you and that you get a plan of treatment soon!
From, Julia