Only a semi-ghost now

Hi everyone - just a bit of sillinesss for a change (I need it). I thought that I would put a couple of pictures up to stop being a complete ghost. The 1st picture of Rizzly is when he is 10 weeks old and my husband would bring him down to see me at the office every couple of days for a few minures (if weather allowed for his scooter). He had to say hello to a couple of people that he liked in the store itself and then they were gone again. The other picture is the same thing-one of his "check-ups" on me. My husband had put regular hair gel on him, playing to see if it would flatten his hair down! Speaking of hair, mine is to my waist now and should be going to the Cancer Society soon - I am getting rather attached to it though!!! Too bad.

Just a bit of nonsense for the day, thanks for listening.


Thanks for making my morning your new pics gave me a big “smile”.
Blessings (from one Hudson to another)!

Thank you, that is what they were meant for. I have always believed that doing something to make someone smile is like giving their non-visual heart a “hug”. Years ago when I was in university, I was coming back to school from Christmas break. When I arrived in Halifax it was a major snowstorm. A fellow was standing there looking at me so I gave him a big smile and carried on to trudge my way to the university-nothing was runing in the way of cabs, buses, etc. He found me a couple of months later and told me that day had been his birthday and had been horrible (for a number of reasons). When I turned around and smiled at him, it was like my beaming smile was coming right from my soul, and enveloped him in a warm hug, inside and out totaling changing his day. It is wonderful what a heartfelt smile can do.