Only 12 days to vote

I posted something on here a few weeks ago about a young cheerleader in my area who was hit my a van in May 2011. Still considered in a coma she came home from the hospital in March and is doing well, however they have no way to transport her on their own. They have entered contest to win a wheelchair van, but they have to depend on others to vote for them. Right now she is in first but with only 12 days left I was hoping some of you could help us keep her in first.
You can vote at:
and you can read more about her story on the face book pages:

Thank you for your help i know it will mean alot to her family

I voted, Erin! Thanks for letting us know!

You can vote once every 24 hours not by calendar day and if you use the promo code 854 your vote will count for 5 votes

right now first place has 49,775 votes and Alyssa is in 2nd with 46,529 votes only 9 days left