One year post surgery

Friends hope you are all doing great.for me its about exactly one year post surgery.I found myself gradual improvement, My vision getting better,I can concentrate on studies,anger and depression getting lower,improvement in memory.In this moment I would like to thank the doctors,parents,friends and the avm survivor website for bringing back to my life.My advice to the survivors are be patient that's the most important thing in mind that it will improve over days even years,have your medicine regularly,stay away from alcohol and tobaccos,do meditation that will help to regain concentration and so on.Still am not up to my level anyway am doing good over last one year.I am here to help.god bless us avm survivors.

Hany, it's so good to hear of your improvements over the last year. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on your one-year anniversary!

Hi Hany! I remember welcoming you and I just reviewed your profile. Thank you for posting this affirming blog and yes, God bless all the AVM survivors!