One year post Gamma Knife

It's been awhile but there has not been anything new or exciting since I last wrote until today.
On 09.27.13 I had a Gamma Knife treatment. Today was the year follow-up appt consisting of MRI, with/without contrast followed by consultation with the doctors (neurosurgeon and radiologist).

Looking Good!!! The MRI shows the AVM less than half the original size, about a third left.

Next follow-up, same time next year but with neuroangiogram followed by consultation. The doctors were very pleased with the results so far and so am I. I know it can take several years for it to be eliminated. The doctors gave no false hopes though but reinforced the plan for the next few years. Hopefully 'Audrey' will comply with the plan, if not another zap may be in her future. My only complaint for the day is the contrast used has left my arm/shoulder aching and a sight but nagging headache. I think a good night's sleep with take care of it.

Good night all.

Yay for posting your news of improvement. I hope sleep eliminated your "complaint." Please continue to keep us posted.

Here's to the obliteration of "Audrey"! May she disappear without the need for further zaps. Thanks for the update, djs!

Great news! May today be the last look at Audrey!

Did you have headaches before treatment ? Do you still have them now ?