One year latter

A year ago I had just found out about my AVM since I have had 5 embolizations, I have learned alot about myself and the gift of life and recently I had a professor ask me to write a paper about my AVM story and is having it publised June 15th.. It is amazing the changes that can happen in a year. Now I am getting ready for my first Gamma knife treatment June 5th.

Best of luck to you! My wife is having the gammaknife in july we are trying to be patient and hopeful
there are a lot of nice folks on here with good information it helps to learn more about it for sure. good luck to you!

Best wishes to you.
ron, ks

Good for you Erin! Post your paper here also. We'd love to see it.

Yes…I want to read this paper too!

That is awesome! Congrats!

Good job Erin...Hopefully your paper will inform people about what an AVM really is. So many people don't even know because having an AVM is a rare disease. Good luck with your Gamma Knife next week....Please keep us informed! Stay Strong and Stay Postive!

G'day Erin, it's good therapy to put your experience in words, and we all know you shall do an excellent job. Stay positive and true to yourself, and let us be inspired by your paper.
Good luck with the GK treatment this week. Tone

Good luck on the upcoming Gamma treatment! Just reading your post you seem to look at all that life offers very positively. Good for you! Keep it up and it will serve you well. I especially love that your AVM story will be published! I agree with everyone else on here that we all want to read it. Me too! Best to you Erin and thank you for posting this. :J

Later today I will post a copy of my story that will be published