One year ago yesterday

Its our first birthday! Yesterday we started down this new path of life. Almost surreal thinking about it. Zac started his one month sleep and then on to Rehab and finally home in February. He has stroke like symptoms on the right side. He started having a few small seizures about a month ago but they upped his Keppra and so far only one tiny one, so thats good. He is still only working part time but energy is picking up so time will tell. :) Has it been a challenge? YES! but the alternative makes this challenge well worth it!

Hope all of our AVM friends are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas and heres to a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR! CHEERS!

Happy "Birthday" to you & Zac!!! :)
Hope his drs. get the seizures under control, but glad to hear he's making miraculous progress!
Happy, HEALTHY 2012!

Happy Re-Birthday!

A blessed Happy Birthday to all of you :)!!! And am glad to hear Zac is doing well and hoping that each day he gets stronger and stronger!!!

May 2012 bring lots and lots of AVM-FREE success stories!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you and Zac! You and Zac have done such an amazing job because of your wonderful positivity!

Wonderful! Happy new year and many blessings for a great, healthy one!