One year ago today,

I held my Lady tightly and kissed her passionately,…told her to “Be Safe”,…and I’d see her Sunday 8-9-2009. I never saw her again,…as she was killed in an auto accident, (a passenger), 8-8-2009. On the “Tail Of The Dragon” on the Tennessee / North Carolina border. Nellie was my life, my best friend, my partner, my love. She was always there for me,…now,…I will be strong for her.

oh William. That is so sad. I am so sorry for your loss. You will have her in your heart forever.

You are doing the right thing, be strong for her !!!


Hello William, my heart hurts for you and I just cannot imagine your pain. Keep strong and stay well. …from your friend, Lesley.

(Your words of love & compassion here has rendered me speechless.) I am in awe.

I know for a fact that there is a heaven. When I was in surgery for my AVM I had a vision, or a visit - from my dad (who has passed). He told me everything was going to be fine. And he looked so great…not the sick shell of a man I saw before he passed. I no longer fear death - I know that I will be with him someday. Now I’m making sure that those I love have a belief - so I can spend eternity with them as well. I’m not anxious to die - I love life and want every moment I can have. But I know I will spend eternity with those I love. Be patient and enjoy life - life life twice as much for her - and be comforted that you will see your beloved again - and for eternity.