One Year After Cyber Knife Update

It has been one year since I had cyber-knife treatment on my AVM in the pons of my brainstem. I had a follow up CT done this past week and the AVM is nowhere to be found! I burst into tears at the doctors office! The doctors explained that there may be some blood flow through the avm still, but it has decreased enough to the point that it’s not visible on a CT anymore. He gave me an option to have an angiogram done right away or he said I can wait one year, have another ct scan done to make sure he really can’t see anything, then do the angio to confirm. I opted to wait another year because I don’t want to run the risk of having and paying for two angiograms. Crossing my fingers that my AVM can be declared as obliterated by next year.

I feel like I have had many miracles. I’m grateful for the support this site has given me through some very tough times. Best wishes to you all!


That is great news to hear:) my son will be getting cyber knife. His is on the right side located partially on his motor strip. Hearing this just gives hope. Thank you , I can’t even imagine how you felt! My prayers are with you and your family . If there is any advice or things you would like to share I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

This is great news i pray that everything works out for you and that the next scan it disappears completely... God bless!

Yay !!!

That is fantastic news Awesome possum. Hopefully you will have the same results next year as well. I am so happy for you. Thanks for a wonderful and positive post :).

That moment they tell you that your AVM is gone is full of joy and relief. You don't know whether to cry, scream or simply smile. Many things have happened up to this point. Many people have helped you up to this point. Many people don't understand what you have experienced.

I am extremely happy for you. The energy behind this type of news is intense.

Congratulations, AP! Fantastic news on year one bodes well for next year. I’m very happy for you! :slight_smile:

Congrats, So happy for you and hoping to see some progress on my AVM within the next 6 months!

Glad to hear! I am getting cyber knife soon on my right lobe and I hope I have the same result!

oh my goodness that's great news! How many units of radiation did you get for your treatment? I only got 12 because it was wrapped in healthy tissue, and I'm gonna get another 10 next year. That's great to hear your gamma knife was successful. congratulations.