One week

one week has passed since I´ve got to this hospital. Today I walked all the way to the cafeteria and back. I´m really proud of my self. The result of that long walk is a really bad headache and a bad ringing in my ears. So time to rest. Forgott to thank my friend for wisiting me and helping me so I could get my hair washed!! It was realy needed!!
And to my best friend back home. Don´t be sad. I understand why you can´t wisit me. But the work you do at home by taking care of my family is more worth for me than a wisit!!! I can´t thank you enough! They are taking good care of me here at the hospital and I have people wisiting me so just remeber I love you all. I´ll keep on fighing and wont let the AVM beat me!!! over and out /Puss