One craniotomy for me please!

So I have chose to have surgery! the date is set for April 19th! This was a pretty easy decision as i want this thing out of my head. I know the road ahead maybe rocky for a month or two or even longer but im ready to deal with it! This thing has made me realize what is important in life. It has also help me reconnect with God! I know that i just need to trust in him and he will take care of me as he always has. This will be quite the adventure. I love how this Nurse walks you through what to expect!

That's great that you have that to understand better before your Cran...Keep the Faith!

Hi suzq,
You sound like you're in the perfect frame of mind, having confidence, trust & peace of mind it takes to get you through this & I'm happy for you & cheering you on! :)
Love the blog - thanks for sharing.
All the best wishes!

Decision?....Done & Dusted!! Well done Suzq....I look forward to hearing from you with positive results. All the very best!

Hey hey - i understand u very well - that was my thoughts too - I want that thing out of my head, so I chose Crani too and looking back it was the best decision I ever made, even so it wasn´t so easy right afterwards, but i took the risks. When i think I would have to wait for years to see if GK had worked - noooo - but of course if GK would have been my only chance I would have been lucky and hopeful to choose that too. Im 6 month after crani now - nd Im doung great. I wish u to stay positive - stay strong and take care, all will be good.

Great attitude Suzq. That's just what you need going forward. I'm glad the decision wasn't too tough for you. Best wishes for your surgery. Keep us updated on your progress!

Oh, and I love the blog from the nurse. So perfect!

Thanks for sharing the link, it was very informative. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery.

Thank you for posting this. I agree. Replace the stoic patient information brochures with these descriptions. Love it! Nurses are awesome. Thanks again and best of luck to you! :J

Wishing you the best of luck before during and after your surgery. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.